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How Changing Your Food Changed Your Lives

I’ve been reading the comments that have been left for the post Health Builders and I am so amazed and thankful by the good health found.    Babies, children, and adults have had their lives changed after going to Dr. Hai Jin Kim at Health Builders.  I am included in that list.  I know firsthand the […]

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Winging It With Your Health

Can you “wing it” and live gluten free, organic, lose weight, or practice extreme self care?  My answer would be no.  This thought about “winging it” with your health came as I was reading Scott’s blog post today on his blog.  Let me digress and brag a little here about my husband.  If you’re an […]

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Migraines and What You Can Do About Them

I am very excited that Dr. Hai Jin Kim has joined us to guest post on many topics.  Please let us know what you would like to hear about in the future. Migraine headaches, affecting an estimated 28 million people in the US, are a classification of headaches which are typically severe and often disabling.  They […]

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The Art of Extreme Self Care Meetup

The Art of Extreme Self Care is a wonderful book by Cheryl Richardson.  I purchased this book upon its release and started reading it right away.   It’s recommended that you read the entire book and then go back and read one chapter a month and work on the challenge for the month. Using the book […]

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The Art of Extreme Self Care

Merry Christmas!  I hope you are able to spend today with people you love and I hope you are one of those people you love. My gift to you is to share this wonderful book.  The Art of Extreme Self Care by Cheryl Richardson.  It’s a wonderful way to take each month and so something […]

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Health Builders

You have heard me talk a lot about Dr. Kim and all the wonderful things she has done to get me healthy.  Well I’m excited to tell you about the group she practices medicine with and all the great services they offer.  The group is Health Builders and that is exactly what they are doing […]

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Exciting New Book Club

I’m very excited about a new way to connect with others.  Shelfari is a gathering place for readers, bloggers, authors, publishers and anyone who wants to connect about the published word.  They’re based in Seattle, started in October 2006 and acquired by in August 2008. Once a member (free) you can: Build your own virtual […]

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Do you still feel bad?

Are you thinking “I’m living gluten free so how come I don’t feel better?”  Maybe at first you felt a change for the better but somehow that’s gone and you feel like you’re slipping back into all of the same problems.  Aches and pains, foggy mind, bad memory, lethargy, constipation, diarrhea, gaining weight, swelling, and […]

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