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Gluten Free Thought-Full Thursday- Can Your Kids Cook

Do you bring your kids into the kitchen to cook with you?online surveys Can your kids cook?  Do your kids get invited into the kitchen or shooed out?  Do you think kids could cook for themselves, the family or even a party full of people?  If you happened to watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Episode […]

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Gluten Free Thought-Full Thursdays- Gluten Free Books

Happy April Fools Day!  It’s always been one of my favorite days of the year.  I’ve always had a great joke ready to play on my family.  For years I would torment them until they started to mark the date on their calendars.  Now they were ready for me.  My favorite joke so far was […]

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Gluten Free Thought-Full Thursday – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Did anyone happen to watch the new show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution?  There was a premier on Saturday and the rest of the program takes place on Fridays for 6 episodes.  I believe this Friday is replaying episode one at 8pm on ABC.  The remaining shows are scheduled for 9pm. Did you watch Jamie Oliver’s […]

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Gluten Free Thought-full Thursday – Save Money Living Gluten Free

What % of your grocery budget do you spend on on gluten free packaged products?polls This post is probably going to make a lot of people mad, but just keep in mind it’s my opinon and you’re entitled to yours. I’m really tired of hearing people whine about the high cost of gluten free foods. […]

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Gluten Free Food Thought-full Thursday – Your Best Converted Recipe

I had so much fun reading all of your great comments last week on Dining Out.  Thank you for playing along.  If you check the poll almost half of those responding eat out once a week.  That makes me happy to hear that you have found out life does not end when the foods you […]

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Gluten Free Food Thought-full Thursday- Eating Out

As my life has gotten very busy in the non-food department, I’ve not been able to post every day like I was.  I really miss that interaction with the food world. So I thought I would start a fun, interactive and fast post for Thursdays.  I love to hear about what you’re cooking, what you […]

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Weekend Kitchen Tip – Writing Tip for Food Bloggers

Are you a food blogger? Would you like an insiders tip from writing expert  Dianne Jacob, who wrote Will Write For Food?  She shared this one with me at the BlogHer Food Conference.  If you want more great insights, check out her book, website and blog.  She’s even having a writing contest while she’s away […]

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Weekend Kitchen Tip – Deglazing with Claire Vanderhoof and Calphalon

Do you have any idea what the little bits of deliciousness that are stuck to the bottom of you pan are called?  Claire Vanderhoof does. I met Claire at the BlogHer Food Conference this past September in San Francisco.  She works for Calphalon and can tell you about any of their products. Claire has amazing […]

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Weekend Kitchen Tip – FoodBlogga on Tomatoes

Do you like to make your own spaghetti sauce?  Do you know which type of tomatoes to use?  Watch Susan Russo from FoodBlogga and she’ll get you on the right track.  She’ll even share with you what it’s really called.  Well, at least that’s what I grew up calling it.   Watch and listen closely. I […]

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Weekend Kitchen Tip – Flour and Pie Crusts

Our tips today are brought to you by two wonderful bloggers I met at BlogHer Food Conference back in September.  I thought their tips would be great the weekend you might be baking for the Thanksgiving holiday. Alanna Kellogg writes two blogs, Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture. Nicole Weston writes Baking Bites blog and […]

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