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Refreshing Cool Juice Drink Gluten Free Recipe

Is it hot where you are these days?  We’re setting records of 105° where I live and that’s not dry heat, that’s muggy yucky buggy heat.  Staying cool and cooling off are important.  So is staying hydrated.

This drink does it all. You know what else it does?  With everything being a whole food fruit or vegetable it’s guaranteed to be a gluten free recipe.

Grab your juicer and a cool place to sit and sip.  Even better grab someone to share this with and you’ll be chillin together!


1/2 honey dew melon, rind and seeds removed

1 organic cucumber

4 kiwi, skin removed

1 lemon, rind removed

1 organic Granny Smith apple

small handful of parsley


Run it all through your juicer and if you like it really well mixed run the juice through a second time.

Pour into your favorite glass like a champagne flute and sit back, relax and cool off with this great drink.