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Homemade Soda No Sugar Added Gluten Free Recipe

Are you a bubbles or no bubbles water drinker?  I’ve always been no bubbles but on a recent trip I started drinking bubbles.   So far my favorite has been San Pellegrino water and Orangina Soda.  It was fun to drink while traveling.  When I returned home I wanted to recreate that great bubble and juice flavor.

So I took my fresh juiced fruit and vegetables juice and mixed it with some San Pellegrino and I had a fun drink with bubbles that was packed with good for you juice.

gluten free, sans gluten, juice [1]

Juice Ingredients:

4 organic carrots

1 organic golden beet

2 dozen organic cherries

1 dozen organic grapes

3 organic oranges

1 organic pear

1 organic Granny Smith apple

Place everything into the juicer and mix well when juiced.  This will make a nice pitcher of juice for your day.

No Sugar Added Soda:

Fill  1/3 of your glass with juice and 2/3 of your glass with San Pellegrino.

This will also work with club soda.