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Cauldron Cakes for Halloween or Harry Potter Parties

No matter if you like Halloween or Harry Potter, you’ll love these gluten and dairy free Cauldron Cakes.  They are super easy to make and will be a big hit no matter what your age.  These are so easy I won’t be giving a recipe but directions for assembly.
creative pumpkin carving
Now if you’re one of the Harry Potter fans you’ll want to serve these Cauldron Cakes with Pumpkin Juice.   You can make your own by mixing apple juice with pumpkin but I’ve never actually done that so I couldn’t even begin to guess the portions.  I’d say more apple juice.  I ordered mine from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  Yes, you can order online [1] and they will ship it to you.  You can even get Sugar Quill and Dark Mark lollipops, Sherbert Lemons and my favorite Chocolate Frogs.

Cauldron Cakes for Halloween or Harry Potter Parties

Assembly directions:Make or buy chocolate cupcakes (I used Bob Red Mill Chocolate Cake, gluten and dairy free).

Dip the bottoms into melted chocolate (I used Enjoy Life chocolate chips) and place onto parchment paper to set.  Place 4 chips on the sheet so when you sent them down it will make it look like cauldron feet.  Sometimes those extra chips melt but that just means more chocolate.

Core out the center of the cupcakes with a spoon or one of those cool corers.

Fill the hole with icing and let it spill out the top. (I used Whole Foods)

Make the handles by melting chocolate (I used Enjoy Life chocolate chips), put it into a plastic baggie and snip the corner to make a piping bag.  Draw the handles onto parchment paper and let them harden.  I like the freezer for the fast set.  Gently push the handles into the cupcake.

Really, that’s all there is to do.  I even took the cupcake centers I pulled out to make cake pops.  I will say that the hardest part is not licking your fingers all the way through.

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