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Strawberry Margaritas, Hola Bonita

Do you know what is really fun to do after a long day of work?  Create a new margarita by mixing and tasting.  As I write this I’m on my second Strawberry Margarita and happy with my creation.  With this week’s Friday Foodie Fix secret ingredient being strawberries and Cinco de Mayo approaching, I thought there must be some way to combine the two.  I like margaritas but they can be extremely sweet. Also, because I don’t make them very often, if I go out and buy the Cointreau, Triple Sec, or Grand Marnier  the bottles just sit around and go to waste by evaporating before I use them again.  I wanted a drink that used fruit and tequila and a little agave.    So here it is.  I really like the color and taste.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!  Oh and these are gluten free and dairy free.

This recipe was shared on Gluten-Free Wednesdays [1].

Strawberry Margarita Recipe



4-6 large strawberries
6 organic limes juiced
1 seedless naval orange juiced
4 oz Tequila
2-4 ice cubes
2-4 teaspoons agave
Margarita Salt


Juice your fruit into the blender, add in the strawberries, ice cubes, tequila and agave.  Blend on liquefy.   Rim your glass with the lime and dip into a plate of the salt.  Fill your glass with the Strawberry Margarita and enjoy!

Makes 2 margaritas.