January Monthly Meal Plan

©Diane Eblin

©Diane Eblin

Opps I forgot to post this.  I was having so much fun on vacation that I just allowed my brain to take a vacation too.  It was wonderful.  So I’m a little late on the monthly menu but hope to be on time the rest of the year.  I’ll post the recipes each night or show you where it is already listed under What’s Cooking Now!  I believe in leftovers so cook extra and freeze.  Keep in mind my menu is a 4 day rotation diet.  Now life doesn’t always go according to plan so something might get changed up but if it does I’ll keep you posted.

1- Pork roast
2- Macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi
3- Turkey stuffed zucchini
4- Whole roasted chicken
5- Shrimp and chorizo
6- Meatloaf
7- Turkey breast
8- Tuna steak
9- Pork tamale casserole
10- Eating out
11- Indian Turkey Legs
12- Salmon
13- Chicken strips
14- Pasta fagioli
15- Night off
16- Eating out
17- Hanger steak
18- Chicken under a brick
19- Mediterriana tuna pasta
20- Turkey Fajitas
21- Tilapia
22- Steak
23- Kielbasa
24- Cioppino
25- Chicken
26- Roasted Turkey breast
27- Steak
28- Spaghetti
29- Whole Fish
30- French Lentils
31- Sheppard’s Pie

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